Janitorial Plus Lawn Care, actively recruits applicants with a diversity of backgrounds. We also believe it is most effective to create work crews whose members have a variety of experience levels.

We believe employee training and diversity are key elements of our success. All personnel are required to participate in “Pre-Assignment Orientation Training” prior to their initial assignment at a facility.

This mandatory training covers topics from newly hired employee manual review to a series of industry standard training videos. Training of personnel is provided through a 
Janitorial Plus developed specialized curriculum. We have unique, ongoing, certified training programs for both custodians and supervisors based on industry standards and client needs.

All Janitorial Plus employees are required to attend regularly scheduled meetings covering such topics of cleaning procedures and safety. Any time a new cleaning product is introduced for use at a facility all personnel assigned to that facility receive Chemical Specific MSDS training prior to its delivery.

All Janitorial Plus employees are cross-trained and permanently assigned to a specific client facility. They are easily identifiable by their Janitorial Plus uniforms and identification badges.

These training standards help us provide each client with the best staff members and supervision available.



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